Kissing Candy in 2013!

May 7th, 2013

Hello all and welcome to 2013. A little delayed I know but better late than never! I did actually write one last blog for 2012, full of praise and thanks to everyone who made it a great year, along with a rundown of what I’d been up to. But unfortunately I’d written it a little late on 31st December and then ran out of time to get it uploaded. It was New Year’s Eve after all and my rollers really needed seeing to so said blog is now nestled amongst many other literary pieces, which lay dormant in the mortal coil of my overworked (and under-organised) hard drive.

So I’ll just say a quick thanks to all of you who made last year so special. There were of course the lifelong friends that make life worth living, their weddings, their birthdays, their achievements. And then the newly formed friends who I’m sure will move up into the ranks of ‘lifelong’ once the months turn into years (you know who you are!). Thanks to the family members who helped throughout a few stressful moments and always keep my ever-floating-feet firmly on the floor. And of course thanks to everyone who hired me to work for them (a rather important part of life I feel!).

Speaking of work, I have been quite busy of late. I had a great time filming with director Nick Gordon, who in case you didn’t know, has directed some ultra cool commercials for various clients including Stella Artois, Levi’s and Skoda, and did a wonderful job in directing me for my latest commercial. You can find me ‘playing’ myself, as the outside reporter for the car breakdown company Green Flag in their 2013 UK and Ireland advertising campaign. (It’s all across the box at the moment but if you can’t wait to see it, feel free to view it in the Video section of this site). It was a long old slog but I loved every minute of it. So a big thank you to the girls at the ID Agency for putting me up for it, Nick and all the gang at Somesuch & Co for producing it, along with CHI & Partners and of course Green Flag for liking me enough to represent them on screen! If any of you should ever need a breakdown company, they are most certainly the people to go to! 😉

Now that we’re already into May (how did that happen?!) things seems to be well and truly underway. I actually feel like I’ve ran a marathon at the moment because whilst I would normally use January as a chance to chill out and recover from the Silly Season, I did in fact not stop and it seems February, March and April have turned out to be just as busy. Birthdays for the niece and nephew mixed in with work parties and late night gatherings with my best chums, alongside an actual full time job, has made the first few months of this year quite literally…a blur! I’m pretty sure we (as in the agents and I) had a fun and frantic build up to the BAFTA Awards, and I’m also pretty sure we had a ball once there. Seeing the TV and film creative’s who I admire for making such wonderful work be congratulated for their achievements first-hand is rather special, and of course very inspiring. But if all that didn’t lift a girl’s tired spirits, the amazing Lancôme goodie bags certainly did!


Then, without nearly enough recovery time, it was straight over to Berlin for a slap dash tour of the city to see my pals Leftwing and Kody show them so-called party people over there how us Londoners do it. (My fav quote of the night at one party had to be “Dish ish ah wery London shound…yah??”, to which I replied in my very London accent “you NO DAT BLUD”!). The boys rocked the place as always, we saw loads of historical things (the Wall and its art being a particular highlight for me) and I remained rather drunk on German beer throughout! Getting to hang out with my best friends and seeing my Loonyiest of Loony’s Banschy was by far THE best part of Berlin (even though I really loved the city too!).



Upon landing home I realised that I had in fact only slept for approximately 21 hours in 7 days. And what a realisation that was to have on the very day I was about to head to the 2013 Brit Awards. One word. Scared! I had a great time and want to say a big thanks to Plan B (Ben’s looking pretty cute these days…just saying!) and the fabulous Shingai Shoniwa of The Noisettes, who were both lovely and really looked after us, and of course hanging out with the old ball and chain that is my best pal Bubbilicious is only ever a fab thing! But I have to admit, after such a lousy amount of sleep in over a week, I was very happy to get home into my bed. All this partying and travelling can cause havoc to a girl’s health! No seriously, it can!!





Now you would think that might have been enough, right? Nope, 3 days after the Brits I decided to stick to my original plan and head for a chilled out and civilised night in Brighton with my good pal S. I say chilled out and civilised and to be fair, it did start on track with some Afternoon Tea at The Grand next to an accomplished pianist rifting out Mozart, and then lots of relaxing back in our room, doing our nails, with a nice glass of wine, whilst watching Come Dine before heading out. But that was about as chilled and civilised as it got! Because from around 8pm onwards, the night turned into what can only be described as a crazy event filled with cocktails, gorgeousness and a whole load of giggles. Me and the Mac enjoyed ourselves so much that we didn’t really want the night to end…and so it didn’t! We did the walk of shame back to our hotel in a very uncivilised manner at around 11:30am I think, just in time for breakfast and check out. So much for chilling and an early night! Worth every second though as we stayed smiling for a week after!

So, what now? Well as I said, May is here and after having completed ANOTHER few trips I’m happy to say that I really do plan to just chill the f*ck out. If I can find the time to chill first! 😉

Until the next blog people, keep sweet!

Gem xx



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